I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has supported me throughout my journey of allowing me to make my jewelry for you!! I put my heart into every piece that I create for you. After a long break, Im excited to tell you that this website will be going live again. Your many requests for this will be here soon. Thank you!  You will be able to purchase your favorite pieces here soon!!

In the meantime, you can  find me in person at our Fallbrook Farmers Market. Dates are below

I love our Fallbrook Farmers Market!! 

WHERE: Main Avenue between Hawthorne & Fig

WHEN: The Market is  Every Saturday 9:00AM - 1:30PM

Come see me at the market on these days

February 10

I will also be offering Permanent Jewelry at my booth.

come and get your Endless bracelet ♥



Welcome to Barie Mia Designs

 Now the new journey begins...
I have always been into crafting. My inspiration comes from the beauty in nature. The mountains, trees, sunsets, some of my pieces reflect my love of the beach. There is an amazing feeling of peace that comes from all that is around us. It restores my soul and brings out my creativity. Through the years, I have tried many different techniques and materials used in jewelry making. Metalsmithing won me over. The materials I use in my work are sterling silver, copper, gold and fine silver clay. I compliment them with seaglass that is naturally surf and sand tumbled in the ocean and collected from the beach shore. Recently I am adding other gemstones to my work.
 I love how I can shape and form the metal to become a work of art that you can wear.  

My work is constantly evolving and my  designs offer something different for everyone. Some are earthy, organic,and rustic, some are made to have that rough, textured, imperfect look giving the jewelry character. Others are designed as elegant, simple and delicate. My vision for my jewelry is that someone will feel it was made just for them, I believe that jewelry makes you feel special when you wear it. A little part of my heart and soul goes into each piece that I make, I am very thankful for being able to create and share things that you will choose for yourself or as a special gift for someone. 


 I hope you enjoy what I have made for you and I am truly grateful you are here. I would love to hear from you.  It's very easy to get in touch with me on my Contact Page.  
Thank You for coming by,
♥ Barie